I'll be honest right now, writing is not easy. It isn't as simple as putting thoughts down on paper and trying to get them read. Let me tell you  a reader base of friends and family, although they may genuinely like your work does not count.

Your writing has to stand out and stand up among a crowd of strangers. Knowing this adds more pressure and more often than not, a promising artist is stiffled and quits even before they begin.


If you have a passion and a drive to get your Christian lit noticed in a way that you know will make a difference in people's lives, then may I offer you my mentorship and assistance?

I will help you achieve your goals by working with you from the ground up. Your work is your own but you do not have to work alone. 

I will mentor and coach you every step of the way, from developing ideas, to reading and editing your manuscript.

Email me for details!