Persistent Grace - Paperback- 2008 

Loss is a part of life, and for Mary loosing her son, Jesus Christ, the son of God, was just as tragic and heartfelt as the losses we endure today. She was a woman that we can all look to and gain strength from when we are faced with the death of a child, or a loved one. It is something that all of us have no choice but to experience, and through the pain and anguish of Jesus's death, we can learn to overcome and live in freedom from the pain and void that such an unavoidable misfortune leaves for us to shadow.

A Whiter Shade of Love - Paperback 2009

 Love need not be complicated and yet it is something greatly misunderstood. Try as we may, love can never be discovered in its purest form because it always comes from a flawed source, the human heart. For Mary Magdalene, finding true love was the key to her healing and was paramount for her very survival. Through her story, we can discover essential foundational understandings and discover that the love we have for one another and ourselves has not grown cold, yet. The love of this world is greatly misinterpreted and therefore misunderstood. It is absent because like Mary, we have neglected our true love, God. The love that is within us to give is not the love that God intended us to endure, as it is not the love that He created. The heart is a mighty tool for authority and, through love, has away of leading us astray.

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Non Existent Entities - Paperback- 2011

Discover the truth about Sasquatch and unknown entities through the experience of a woman and her family. Shannon Gilmour documents a seemingly unrelated encounter with an unknown source and brings the reader to a whole new perspective on what Sasquatch might be.

Some may call it fanciful, and others may call it a twisted tale, however this story seems true or not to you, the experience cannot lie. Shannon takes you on a bold and horrifying journey to help you understand so that you can have enough wits and sense about you to stay away or at the very least figure out for yourselves what Sasquatch is and why it is making its presence known.

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 PG 15- Parents this book deals with spiritual content that may not be suitable for young readers.

What people are saying about this book:

" I read your book with a cautious approach. I can say that you NAILED it. I haven't heard some of the things you talk about before, but I like how you break it down to make it make sense. You are knowledgeable, but don't come across as knowing it all. You present your story, with facts that you back up. I like how you do not change scripture to suit your needs, you use scripture to reveal what is truly going on. Well written!"

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Readers reviews:

" I read this book and could not put it down! I was expecting a recipe book, but this book is THE book to read to understand what is in our food and how we as a society have become so sick and diseased. It isn't God's fault and the fault is of our own making because we've lost something in our faith this book helps us discover once again. "

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 The true existence of existent entities- Paperback 2012

Discover the truth behind assumed truth as Shannon Gilmour brings science and faith together in hopes to expose a facade hiding in plain sight.


While science tries to take authority all on her own, Shannon through shared experience dismantles the scientific reasoning that so many have learned to follow. While she never tries to invalidate science, Shannon uses the reasoning behind the science in such a way that entitles faith to have a say within its own voice.

Who and what Sasquatch are, is finally answered in a way that leaves no doubt. Backed up with biblical insight along with scientific proof, this book slowly exposes the realities of this life while revealing why Sasquatch have made their presence known.

Shannon, through her thought provoking stories, and detailed understanding  shows that science can only expose the seen but it is faith that exposes the unseen.
Together they offer witness and confirmation that takes great courage to believe.

 Content rated G

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Body & Soul: The necessity of food  paperback 2015

Food is a personal journey for all of us. It's something we love to hate but hate to love as we struggle to let go of the want for food realizing we desperately need it.

While science has claimed to reveal all of food's secrets there is one secret yet to be discovered. It's a discovery that will change your life as it is a discovery that enables you to live in health and longevity to stand in body and soul for the One who has called you into His service.

This book is BLACK LISTED by churches! Read why pastors refuse to endorse this book!