Past appearances:

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Sasquatch related:

* Mark schnieder from Ohio exopolotics radio asks me questions about Non existent entities.

* LA Marzulli on accelleration radio asks me why I think sasquatch are making themselves known to us.

-I read some of the comments... The interview was so short and I didn't have a lot of time to get into a lot of discussion. Perhaps next time! Had fun! Thank you! Oh I don't know what the unified theory of evil is. I'll have to do my homework for next time I'm on the show! Thanks again, it was fun.

*Thank you to Jim Malliard Host of The Malliard report for the opportunity to share with the audience who I am, and what I do. We talked about my use of the ouija board, suicide, bigfoot and what projects I'm working on next!

Food related:

* Thank you to Kingdom Empowerment on Blog talk radio with host Donna Ghanney for an amazing opportunity to share with your listeners my latest book entitled 'Body & Soul: The necessity of food' You can listen to the interview for free here. 

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Personal appearances:

June 2012 :Thank you to the ladies at PHI BETA CAPPA sorority group in Preeceville Saskatchewan. It was a pleasure to speak to your group about my wonderful writing career and the books I have written. I look forward to speaking with you again next summer!

July 2012: Thank for allowing me to be a part of the Norquay Centennial! It was a wonderful day and I am honored to meet such wonderful and inviting people of the community! Thank you for the warmth and well wishes , the hugs and handshakes! May everyone have a safe trip back home.

Summer 2013
had me busy with writing and research projects and I am thankful to those of you who have taken the time to read this site as well as my books I have written. THANK YOU!

I am available for guest speaking. Subjects include: Spiritual warfare, sexual education, combating addictions, suicide, grief and loss, self esteem, depression, finances, eating disorders, and relationships.

The venues I am able to reach:

*Church ministry retreats, bible study groups, children's/youth groups, in home consultations, seminars, schools, camps, ranches, business networking strategies.