Deep calls to deep in this informative, and insightful accompaniment to your regular bible study.

Disk 1:

  • Understand the messages of Jesus through A complete study in His Word as depicted in the book of Matthew.
  • Learn who Jesus is and was through Hebrew insight that is both descriptive and understandable.

  • Read Revelation in a way that is unlike anything you've ever read before! Discover the truth behind what is going on in the world today and why it is important to you. There is a reason why bad things happen. Your questions are answered in this enlightening study.

Disk 2:

  • Are you rapture ready? The Harvest is a study that will help you gain understanding into why the rapture is not a predictable event. In fact it is not an event to look forward to at all...

  • Jesus is the Lamb of God and discover hidden insight that goes all the way back to the garden in Eden.

  • The armor of God is something that every Christian must wear, but it is not something we can pray for. Learn how you can wear the armor of God daily in a way that allows you to not even give this attire a second thought.

Immanuel: God with us

Bible study 2 CD set.

$35.95 CAD

Shannon Gilmour

Copyright 2012




  Extra books:

  • Discover the origins of Easter, and how through Christ's death we observe the Passover through Him and His teachings. We no longer need to observe the act. Uncover the hidden secrets of this day and how it has little to do with God than we have been led to believe.

  • Christmas. Oh Holy Night, has deep origins in pagan culture. The ancient Hebrews never celebrated birthdays, and this study offers hidden insight into the origins of birthday celebrations.
  • Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. Discover how through Him, we have entered into His rest. Through HIs death there is no longer a need to recognize the Hebrew holy day because following Him allows us to enter into His rest.  

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