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About the book:  Published  March 29 2017

As much as we know about Jesus, there is still so much left for us to learn. Aside from the multitudes of books already written about Him, the book that tells the real story is the book you most likely already own.

A Study in His Word is a compliment to that book; the bible as it is a study guide that takes the reader on a journey through the ministry of Jesus as told from the Book of Matthew.

Discover hidden insights about the character of Jesus and the meaning behind what He said and did as your faith will be made clear as to why you believe in Him as you do. This study guide will share with you the deep rich history that has been locked away and hidden until now as your faith will be challenged to understand the prophetic message within His words that have yet to come.


Discover hidden meaning about key biblical concepts:

Learn of the significance of the baptism of Jesus.

Understand why He was tempted

Discover the meaning of the Passover - HIDDEN INSIGHT

Uncover prophetic detail that Jesus specifically foretold...


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